he Craft Split Bearing -
Why It’s Such A Solid Idea.

Some bearings last longer than others. (Ours, for example.) But in a heavy industry environment, all bearings eventually fail. It's simply a fact of life given the incredible stresses, punishing usage and operating conditions to which these integral components are subjected.

This unfortunate fact is what makes the Craft Split Bearing such an important innovation. True, it's built to last longer than other bearings, split or not. But its greatest benefit comes not just with the ease and flexibility of initial installation, monitoring and maintenance on the bearing, but if there is a failure, the ease of replacement.

The bearing is split down to the shaft so that all components, even the seals, can be easily and quickly replaced. With our split design, replacing a bearing becomes a minor maintenance job as opposed to a major, potentially catastrophic event. That's because it eliminates the need to remove shafts and drive components installed on the shaft, confining the scope of the repair to the bearing itself. Furthermore, in most cases, only the internal bearing components need to be replaced, and this can easily be done without even removing the pedestal.

While the benefits of a split bearing are dramatic, building and designing a reliable one was no easy task. We've become an industry leader in bearing design. In fact, Craft has been awarded patents on many innovative features. At Craft, we're proud of the unmatched level of quality that we've achieved in designing and manufacturing the Craft Split Bearing.

With most orders being filled from our extensive and ever expanding inventory, same-day shipment is the norm at Craft. Because of this product's many, varied applications, we manufacture standard, metric, large-bore and customized bearings. In further support of our customers, we offer complete technical support and rapid response to all inquiries.

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