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Like the Pedestal Housing, this ductile iron material has a much higher yield and tensile strength than the standard gray metal used in other Pillow Block bearings. Simply removing four screws allows disassembly of the cartridge and replacement of all internal bearing components without removal of the shaft, sprockets, pulleys, or other installed equipment. The spherically machined cartridge takes initial shaft misalignment externally, allowing the bearing and seals to remain parallel to the shaft at all times. As a result, the bearings are uniformly loaded and last longer, the cartridge and seals have a closer fit at the labyrinths, and it is harder for contamination to work its way into the cartridge. Each cartridge comes drilled, tapped, and plugged in its lower half so that lubricant can be purged. This feature can also be used as an entry point when an oil system is utilized. Cartridges are powder coated for a durable and long-lasting finish. A grease fitting is supplied as standard on all cartridges.

Made of 52100 steel, hardened to a Rockwell COF 59/62. The outer race joints are cut in a chevron so that the roller is carried across the split. When the two halves of the outer race come together in the cartridge, they form three holes for lubricant to enter the roller surfaces - one hole at the top of the outer race and a hole at each joint. This assures a clean and ample supply of lubricant to the working surfaces and into the load zone. Like all our other bearing components, the outer race can be easily replaced without removing the housing. It is removed from the cartridge by backing off on the side pusher screws and hold back screws (if fitted) and pushing the outer race halves from the groove of the cartridge.

The outer race comes in either a FLOAT (FL) or HELD (HD) type. The float outer race has a straight bore that permits the rollers to walk across the face, allowing the bearing to take axial expansion with very little effort. The held outer race has a recessed roller track allowing the rollers to take axial load in a cycloidal action. This axial load is taken on the shoulders of the outer race and the flanges of the clamp collars. The held bearing is used to locate the shaft and direct shaft expansion. As a general rule one held (HD) pillow block bearing is applied to one section of shafting.


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