Made of 52100 steel, hardened to a Rockwell C 59/62. The split of the inner race is cut at a precise angle so that when the rollers cross the split they are carried across, having only point contact with the split. If the cut was straight instead of at an angle, the rollers would have line contact with the split, resulting in accelerated wear and an inferior product. Craft's design ensures that the split does not detract from the performance of the bearing. The inner race is designed to have a fine, hair-line gap at the joint face when installed on a shaft with the correct tolerance. This shows that the inner race is grasping the bearing journal 360 degrees and becomes part of the shaft. If the two halves of the inner race do come into contact, the bearing journal is undersized and should be reconditioned, or a custom bore inner race can be supplied. Our normal delivery time on undersized or custom bore bearings is three days.


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