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Our patented split roller cage is die cast and made from ZAMAC #3, a zinc aluminum alloy with a higher lubricity rate than aluminum, over six inch size for S1, and on all S2 and S3 series bearings, the cage material is made from 932 bronze. A unique and important feature is that the roller cage is assembled from four individual parts, permitting the rollers to be placed in one quarter of the cage while the other quarter is mated with it, and then riveted together. This allows the roller pockets to be designed to encapsulate the roller, ensuring that it is retained in the cage for the life of the bearing. This form of retention has proven far superior to the staking method. The roller pocket is also designed to maintain a supply of lubricant for the roller element. The roller cage halves are joined together with a male/female barrel-shape form. The halves are held together by a clip that fits axially across the male/female members. This design utilizes the shear strength of the clip rather than just its spring tension. Once the patented roller cage is assembled, it runs and performs as a solid roller cage.

Made of 52100 steel, hardened to a Rockwell C 59/62. The rollers are crowned to prevent edge loading and assist in accommodating for slight misalignment. The number of rollers are maximized to increase the load-carrying capacity of the bearing.


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