Specialty Components

Extended Inner Race

Craft Bearing's Split Bearing standard ATL seals eliminate shaft wear and provides exceptional sealing in most applications. However, bearings are sometimes exposed to extreme conditions such as an existing shaft that has grooves or roughness caused by prior bearings with lip seals or other seals that do not turn with the shaft or otherwise cut into the shaft surface. Extremely abrasive conditions can also cause grit or other contaminants to work under the O-rings and damage the seals or shaft.

Craft’s extended inner race, only available from Craft (patent pending), is a valuable option in those cases where a damaged shaft or extreme conditions would require shaft repair or replacement. The inner race is lengthened under the seal, with a machined track for the seal to clamp to the inner race— not the shaft. This not only overcomes the problem of grooves or roughness in the shaft caused by prior conventional bearings, it protects against further shaft damage.

As always, the shaft must be clean, round, within tolerance, and without high spots. The Craft extended inner race will cover the normally encountered grooves, rough surfaces, and gouges in a shaft commonly caused by prior conventional bearings. Contact our technical department for any questions.